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Welcome to Inside the Sun!


Community collaborators have formed this organization from our collective spirit and heart, to create an alternative way of being - the change we want to see. 

Inside the Sun is an expression of a Vision, the coming together of community collaborators and organizational partners in service of a shared Mission.

We work towards individual, collective, and political healing, liberation, and decolonization through Community Self-Care and collaborative processes, projects, and practices. The Keep on Trucking and Trauma Healing Health and Well-Being programs are beginning steps toward being the change we want to see. Through these programs we are working to achieve the freedom and well-being of incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and all affected individuals as part of the struggle to create a system of justice based on restoration rather than punishment.


This website is dynamic and inclusive, featuring creations from individuals and from our collective Spirit and Heart. Let us know if you'd like to contribute!

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