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About Us

We are a collaboration of people from diverse backgrounds: prisoners, ex-prisoners, friends, and families, young adults to elders.

We are formerly incarcerated people (the 20-years plus club), young medical and mental healthcare professionals, artists, business professionals (including the owners of two trucking companies and a local restaurant that serves as a cultural venue), educators, concerned community members (with decades of freedom struggle organizing experience), upcoming young leaders, and others.

Some of our Community Collaborators

The people of Inside the Sun are constantly forming this organization. You can get to know more about Inside the Sun by getting to know our collaborators!

The Circle of Community Collaborators is fluid and continually open to new people becoming involved. There are more Community Collaborators than those listed below and we welcome participation!

Partner Organizations

We are proud and thankful to work closely with partners in the community. With the core value of cooperation, we are always excited to connect with organizations committed to community self-care and resisting oppressions.

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