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Some of our Community Collaborators

The Circle of Community Collaborators is fluid and continually open to new people becoming involved. There are more Community Collaborators than those listed below and we welcome participation!


The mission of Inside the Sun is to eradicate the root cause of systemic oppression, based on race, gender, social, economic, and legal status through community self-care.

Our goal is to collectively build all-inclusive pathways to economic-psychological-social-spiritual-physical, well-being with values and methods of “Community Self-Care,” specifically targeting our most marginalized community members especially women and young adults and those: who lack access to sufficient living income, or are in or have been released from prisons-jails-detention facilities.

Inside the Sun is a Vision brought to life. See the Vision here

Our Current Programs & Initiatives

Mental Health and Well-Being
Keep on Trucking: From Prison or Poverty to CDL Pipeline
⇛ Alternative Fuels Diesel Engine Repair Massasoit Partnership
⇛ Commercial Motor Carrier Construction Industry Partnership

⇛ Community Self-Care

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