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Keep on Trucking paves pathways for people’s prosperity through preparing them for living-wage careers as licensed drivers of commercial motor vehicles and equipment.

Psychological, physical, and economic well-being are interdependent: therefore mentoring and holistic-mental-spiritual health is the foundation of everything we do, including the partnership-networks formed to elevate community members.


Furthering our core values, we've begun to open the doors of a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) endeavor as a source of living income, helping community members obtain a CDL and helping CMV businesses expand to become independent third partner CDL trainers/examiners.


While we are committed to facilitating individuals’ successful reentry into society following imprisonment, this program is open to all community members. Inside the Sun is ALL INCLUSIVE, particularly focusing on women, incarcerated, and formerly incarcerated people. Our model will be CORI-friendly and flexible to support the diverse needs of our loved ones.


We aim to produce well-trained entry-level drivers, reduce recidivism, and support people’s overall well-being. With these goals in mind, we are leveraging decades of experience to offer a curriculum that prepares participants for success in enrollment in and completion of an outside, accredited CDL training course for Class A trucks. This is much more than technical CDL prep! True to the Each One Teach One philosophy, we are sharing skills, stories, and resources needed for whole-system survival and thriving.


With the committed leadership of formerly incarcerated community members who secured freedom and stability through the CDL, medical and mental health professionals, and community partnerships and networks, Inside the Sun supports community members to achieve this credential and career and cultivate well-being and community connection.

If you're interested in participating in or connecting with the Keep On Trucking program, please email Wayne at!

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As with all elements of Inside the Sun, Keep on Trucking is a community effort. The following people are some of the individuals who meet regularly to keep this work area moving forward:

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