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Milton Jones's Story

Community Civic Activities


  • American Friends Service Committee National Coalition for Criminal, Social and Economic Justice

Served on the Board of Directors and other Committees (2002) 10 yrs.


  • Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation Coalition against the death penalty

Served as a Member/Speaker (2006) 4yrs.


Three Pyramid corporation (1992) 3yrs. Community Empowerment Program Served as Board of Director President


  • L.D.B Peace Institute (2008)

For Men by Men, emotional support group Served as Facilitator (current)

Span Inc
Served on Board of Directors

Intergenerational Justice Program (IJP) Serves as Facilitator (2015)


• Campaign to Build Safer Communities Crime reduction initiative
Served as Campaign Chairman (2004) 4yrs

• Stanley Jones Clean Slate Project (2008) 4yrs Coalition for Re-entry Initiatives
Served on Board of Directors

• Plymouth County Correctional Facility Community Reentry Preparation Program Founder and Facilitator (2005-current)

• Span Inc, PRI Program Served as Mentor (2004) 3yrs

• Beth Israel Medical Center/LDB Peace (2015) Institute.

Life After Murder, Support Group for Adolescent survivors of homicide ages 14-19
Serves as Co-facilitator (current)

In Solidarity of Love & Power of Spirit
We can not get to a good place in a bad way ~ Process is everything. This visionary collaboration is fluid ~ ongoing & inclusive
In Our imagined world Justice is a state of Being

SPEECH PRESENTATIONS/Violence Prevention & Peace Promotion

• Community Round Table
• Framingham State College
• League of women Voters
• Roxbury Community College • Bridgewater State College

• University of Massachusetts • Boston College
• Rhode Island College
• Boston University

• Department of Youth Services

• Suffolk University- Youth I Works Program

• Memorial Services

• Family Vigils & Rallies

• Blackstone Youth Center
• Plymouth County Correctional Facility

• Various Middle & High schools
• Dedham County Correctional Facility



Director of Reentry Services

Louise D. Brown Peace Institute, Dorchester, MA
Responsible for the development and implementation
of programs and partnerships designed to provide services for individuals returning from incarceration; to foster successful reentry experiences as well as adjustment support for their families. (significant others)


Director of Operations

Louise D. Brown Peace Institute, Dorchester, MA
•Improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of organization’s mission -- specifi-

cally, support better management reporting and information flow.
•Manage and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Support Services (HR, IT and overall internal functions), through improvements to each function as well as coordination and communication between support and business functions. To include ancillary duties: (Group Facilitation, Sibling survivor men- torship, Reentry Initiative support


Property Manager, Computer Associates (Assigned Site)

United Mechanical Contracting, Framingham, MA


Director of Environmental Services

Marlboro Hospital, Marlboro, MA

Maintenance Supervisor

Oak Knoll Health Care, Framingham, MA

Client Transportation Coordinator (second job)


2002 – 2007 1998 – 2001

1997 – 2000

94-95 (volunteer)



Department of Mental Health/Employment Options, Marlborough, MA

Director of Environmental Services

Clinton Hospital, Clinton, MA (89 Lancaster pre-release)

Pharmaceutical Currier (second job)

Westborro Pharmaceutical Company Westborro, MA

Case Aide/Group Facilitator (second job)

North Central Alcoholism Commission, Leominster, MA

EDUCATION: Fitchburg State College

1995 – 1997(hired) 1989 – 1995



1989 – 1992 (hired)

Completed Course Work and Certifications
General Psychology, Human Growth & Development, Principals of Sociology, Speech and Communica- tion, Social Problems,

Toastmaster International Programs Public Speaking, American Red Cross-CPR Training
Developing Helping Skills

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