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Nicola's Story

I was born and raised in an Italian-American family in the Boston area. I grew up attending a Unitarian Universalist church, where I participated in anti-war protests and social justice actions from childhood on. 


After attending Bard College in Upstate NY, I moved to the Middle East (between Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Levant) where I was lucky enough to live for 8 years. I was a Project Manager at a mobile technology startup, managing budgets and liaising between technology teams and clients and eventually founded my own e-commerce startup. 


I moved back to Boston in 2020 and am grateful to have found the Inside the Sun community. I'm involved with ITS because I believe that "justice is a state of being", and deeply appreciate our collaborative structure as an organization and our shared drive to support the material needs and overall well-being of our community. 

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