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Motivation, Inspiration, Positivity, and Knowledge

My name is Avery I’m currently 30 years of age the better part of my teen age and adult years I spent incarcerated. In prison and in and out of county jail. It wasn’t until 2020 that I finally had enough of that lifestyle all together. I tried to start bettering my life by working temp jobs for different company’s. I had the mind set that money will fix all of my problems and I was wrong. All though money can definitely help better your situation I realized that I need to have purpose in my life and I need to set goals for myself to work towards. One of those goals that I set was getting my CDL class A drivers license. I knew that because of my record I would have obstacles finding work with out some type of trade or degree under my belt. I worked to save just enough money to pay the tuition for Parker’s professional driving school. I was tired of working temp jobs and wanted a better future for myself.

Upon enrolling in Parker’s professional driving school I met somebody that I can say changed my view on life forever and gave me the motivation that I needed to push forward no matter what stands in my way. This person was Wayne, Wayne has been a true inspiration for me. Watching the way that Wayne showed up to work to instruct us everyday with a smile on and a positive attitude really taught me something. Seeing how he was incarcerated for almost triple the amount of time I was and to see how he turned his whole life around to be an instructor at one of the top driving schools In New England, made me realize that it’s not impossible and if you want to better your life it’s about how much effort your willing to put towards it.

The constant positivity & knowledge that Wayne preached to me everyday is what molded me to have the mindset that I now have. Coming from the circumstances that I come from I have never meet somebody that actually made something of them self until I meet Wayne. With my hard work, dedication and motivation from Wayne I was able to successfully complete Parker’s driving school, and also successfully pass the driving test to become a certified class A driver. Now my options are endless I’ve never in my life felt more accomplished and I finally feel like I can actually make something of myself. I’m typing this letter to let people younger and older than me that are experiencing troubles in life to never give up, and to take it one hour at a time focus on what’s in-front of you over come it and then go on to the next obstacle and eventually life will get better if you keep a positive mindset never give up and set a goal to work towards. Also if you can find yourself some one you can relate to who’s a inspiration like Wayne was to me.

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