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Katherine's Story

I'm Katherine Jenkins Djom, mother of Amar (18) & Che (21), educator, writer, dancer, singer & Afro Flow Yoga instructor. While I moved to Fluvanna from Boston, MA just a little over a year ago, I grew up visiting family in Fluvanna and elsewhere in Virginia, where I have ancestral roots on both sides of the family. So moving here has felt a lot like coming home. As an experienced, multilingual educator with over a decade of experience in K-12 public school classrooms and a half decade teaching in & launching a non-profit dedicated to adult antiracist education & activism, I hope to bring these assets to the community. In addition to completing my certification in Afro Flow Yoga (, I look forward to continuing independent research and ultimately transitioning into the fields of educational research, curriculum development and teacher training. I'm excited to meet other Fluvanna residents, learn more about the county's history and functioning, and for whatever collaborations emerge from this opportunity.

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