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Toussaint's Story

Toussaint Liberator has inspired the Boston music scene with his unique and soulful voice ever since
he arrived in 2001. Originally from Kokomo, Indiana, Toussaint was brought up as the son of a Pastor and
Choir Director; and is blessed with a style and cadence that spans many genres and is deeply rooted in

He quickly made a name for himself, initially recording with the band Red Pill. He then recorded an
album with The China Band featuring the powerful voices of his mother and siblings on "Love The Almighty
High" in 2003 .

In 2007, he wrote and recorded "No Place Like Soull" with the band Soulive and was featured on
their international tour, opening for legendary artists such as Isaac Hayes, The Rolling Stones, John Mayer,
and Dave Matthews Band.

In 2010, he made waves in the reggae scene when he wrote and released a solo album called Black
Gold, with producer Tippy Alfred of I-Grade Records in St. Croix. His presence and undeniable charisma is
hard hitting and full of grit, with a velvety sound that lingers in your mind long after the music.


In addition to his musical endeavors he has has been very active within the community. His From
Slave To Soldier drumming program was a weekly program for almost three years within Plymouth County
Correctional Facility in Plymouth MA. He has done workshops in schools, churches and community centers

across New England for the better part of fifteen years. He is currently working with Jericho Movement Boston, a national organization called Black Men Build and leads the Stone of Hope Drum Circle at the Friends

Meeting House in Cambridge.

In 2020 he became the Assistant Executive Director of Inside the Sun and among many other initiatives is in the process of making his From Slave to Soldier Drumming Circle an integral component of Inside

the Sun’s Mental Health & Well Being ~ Mindfulness Series

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