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What We Do

As we build, grow, and work together, we bring together many elements through collaborative, systemic organizing. We practice a holistic approach to all of our work areas, as we recognize the inter-connectedness and relationships between all beings and parts of our life. We are working together to bring dreams to life, and to support our communities impacted by all forms of oppression.

Inside the sun is a community organization committed to community-led programs that meet the survival needs of our fellow neighbors.  At the core of our efforts is a philosophy of inclusion and collaboration that puts what is valuable to the community at the forefront in complete opposition to dominant culture individualism.

Keep on Trucking is paving pathways for people’s prosperity through preparing them for living-wage careers as licensed drivers of commercial motor vehicles and equipment

Trauma Healing and Well-Being programming provides safe spaces to foster peer support and informed group discussions with the goal of empowering individuals and nurturing a sense of belonging within society

Community Self-Care describes a way of being that recognizes the ongoing, dynamic, and mutually relevant needs, gifts, resources, dreams, and concerns among us. Circle-based practices bring together care and accountability, helping create and fortify structures of support and well-being.

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